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       Private Texas Handgun License Classes*

     Are Convenient, Comfortable, & Confidential.

$100.00 per Student for Four Students.

Price is Negotiable by Class Size.

If you need the Pistol Proficiency to complete your online LTC class requirements--call me.

25% Off Military and BSA Discounts are available.

  Classes Instructed by:

  John V. Hines

Email:   Ph:  (512) 834-6446


Texas Department of Public Safety Certified

Texas License To Carry a Handgun Instructor


National Rifle Association Certified

Chief Range Safety Officer, 

Pistol Instructor, Rifle Instructor,

Shotgun Instructor, and

Muzzleloading Black Powder Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun Instructor 


My Texas License to Carry a Handgun Classes are available in the Austin,

Pflugerville, Manor and Round Rock area, at your location.

$100.00 per student, for class sizes of 4 or more students.  Price is negotiable by class size.

Classes can be held day or evening, weekdays or weekends.  

The Texas License to Carry a Handgun Class is four hours long, plus the written test,

and the Firearm Safety and Proficiency Test. 

The shooting will be held at the Austin Rifle Club in Manor, if you do not have access to a private range. 

The Safety and Proficiency Test includes demonstrating the breakdown (field-stripping), cleaning and oiling, and re-assembly of your pistol,

plus firing fifty rounds in the State's required timed sequences.


Before September 1, 2017, the smallest caliber the State of Texas requires for the license is .32 caliber or 9mm. 

After September 1, 2017, you can use any caliber pistol to qualify.


  First, shop for the largest caliber (stopping power) that you are not scared to shoot. 

If you buy a pistol so big that it scares you to shoot it, you will not practice often. 

Without practice, you will lack familiarity with your pistol and you will lack confidence in your ability.

The ideal is that you become as familiar with your pistol, as you are with your phone.


Second, find a pistol that fits your trigger finger.  The trigger should cross your fingerprint. 

Too much finger over the trigger (the gun is too small for your hand) will pull your shots to that side. 

Not enough finger on the trigger (the gun is too big for your hand) will push your shots to the other side. 

The idea is to have the trigger pull straight back, in line with the barrel.


 Third, buy a pistol with a grip that fits, feels good, and covers your whole palm. 

The more of your palm in contact with the grip, the recoil will be spread through your whole palm, which is much more comfortable on your hand. 

You can buy grips separately to get a custom fit.  Some pistols come with interchangable grips. 

Call me and I will help you find a pistol that fits you. 

I like going to gun stores and gun shows. 


Tx Handgun License Class

          I prefer cash or check, but PayPal is available. 


The Texas Department of Public Safety requires several items for a new Texas License to Carry a Handgun complete application file:


The complete and approved TxDPS application, with their two online affidavits, the State's fee, (now $140.00, dropping to $40.00 on September 1, 2017), your fingerprints receipt, and your completed Certificate of Training (CHL-100).


You can take my class before completing the TxDPS application and paying the State's fee,

but the fingerprint office will want to use your TxDPS application receipt information to link your fingerprints to your application.

The Texas DPS will attempt to use your current Texas DL or ID photo in their files.

The Texas Department of Public Safety

Go to the Texas Department of Public Safety Website:

Follow the link to the Handgun License page. 

All the rules and directions are available on their website. 

Fill out the application online with the DPS. Sign the affidavits through E-Sign and E-Notary on their website. 

Pay the State application fee ($40.00 after 9/1/2017).  Print and save the confirmation receipt. 

The fingerprint office will want the receipt information.   

Read the confirmation receipt carefully and keep it. 

I encourage you to download the Texas Handgun Laws and read the section on Deadly Force before your class.

Fingerprints and  (if Necessary) Passport Photos

The Tx DPS website should provide you a link for your fingerprints at the end of your online application process. 

Have your Tx DPS Handgun License Application receipt information available when you contact them.  You can use the link below or call them. 

Fingerprints are taken by Identogo (formerly L-1 Identity Solutions) by appointment only, and sent to the Tx DPS electronically.  

Contact them online at, or call (888) 467-2080.

They have the following locations:

In South Austin, West Lake Place Office Park, 1515 South Capitol of Texas Hwy, Suite #114. 

This is on Loop 360 South between Mo-Pac and Bee Caves on the East side of the road,

north of Tres Amigos Mexican Restaurant.

In Northeast Austin, at 7901 Cameron Road, Building 2, Suite #215; Austin.

This is east of I-35, just north of US 183 on Cameron Road.

In Round Rock, 555 Round Rock West Drive, Building E, Suite #224; Round Rock, Tx 78681.

This is west of I-35, north of McNeil Drive.

You will scan and send their receipt back to the TxDPS with your Class Training Certificate.


If the TxDPS requires new photos, (i.e. new Texas Residents) you will need two passport photos,

without eyeglasses, (two prints of the same shot), signed by you and the photographer on the back of each photo. 

The TxDPS website provides instructions and the downloadable photo holder form to send back to the State.  I got my passport photos at Walgreen's.


Pass my class and receive the Certificate of Training.

Call me at 512-834-6446 and set your class time.

Processing by TxDPS

The Tx DPS website Contact Us link will let you attach and submit your scanned Class Training Certificate (CHL-100) and Fingerprints receipt to the State. 

Follow the instructions and label the attachments well with your name.  The TxDPS gets too many only labeled "application". 

If you must submit your file by mail, make and keep a photocopy of everything in your application package.  You will receive a confirmation from the State.


The TxDPS will not start your background check until they have a complete file. 

The State will process your application and your license should be issued within 30 days, if they discover no issues. 

If the TxDPS requests anything further, they will contact you by mail.  There will be a deadline in their letter to you. 

Do not exceed the Texas DPS deadline in their letter. 

Your application fee will be lost if you exceed that TxDPS deadline.


    I am also available as an Instructor for private classes in Pistol, Rifle, or Shotgun

and also Black Powder Muzzleloading Pistol, Rifle, or Shotgun. 

I enjoy shooting Black Powder Muzzleloading Firearms very much.

I will also serve as a Boy Scout Merit Badge Counselor for Rifle, Shotgun or

Black Powder Rifle Merit Badges without charge.


I am a civilian instructor, a fifth generation Native Texan, raised in East Texas, and a lifetime hunter. 

I am an Eagle Scout and a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin.

I received my first NRA Training and started teaching firearm safety in 1974,

as a Staff Rifle Instructor at the George W. Pirtle Boy Scout Reservation near Carthage, Texas. 

For several years I have served on the BSA Capitol Area Council Shooting Sports Committee as the

Blackland Prairie District Shooting Sports Liaison.

I have volunteered to serve on Boy Scout Shooting Sports Ranges for many years,

teaching safe firearm habits, and learning patience.  

*This is not a NRA approved course